GC032  X-Connect HD Battery Clamp w/Eyelets

X-Connect HD Battery Clamp w/ Integrated Eyelets (For G15000 & G26000 Only; NOT Compatible w/Boost Jump Starters)

X-Connect HD Battery Clamps make connecting and disconnecting from your battery fast and simple. An integrated eyelet terminal allows for permanent mounting, making the battery charger truly plug-n-play. Its heavy-duty design provides maximum current flow providing optimal charging.
  • Easily connect and disconnect from any battery.
  • Maximum current flow battery clamps with integrated eyelet terminals.
  • Permanently mount to any battery for easy battery charging.
  • Built-in fuse protection for increased safety.
  • Lie-flat design for seamless installations with M10 (3/8-inch) hole size.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.
  • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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Heavy duty connection.

Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play connection for maximum performance.

Connect to a battery using the clamps, or permanently mount eyelet connectors to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge. Whatever the case may be, X-Connect creates a solid weatherproof connection that provides maximum current flow and makes interconnecting different applications fast and easy.

Ultimate flexibility.

Clamps for easy use or eyelets to permanently mount.

Get the best of both worlds with integrated eyelet connectors. Clamps make it easy to quickly move from battery to battery between several vehicles. The eyelets allow you to mount the connector directly to a battery that you use on a regular basis. Change back at any time with a few simple bolts.

Technical Specifications.


X-Connect Female


HD Battery Clamps with XL (3/8-Inch) Eyelet Terminals


40 Amp Regular Blade ATC


Heavy Duty Clamps + M10 (3/8-Inch) Eyelet Terminals

Wire Size



24 Inches