GC031  XGrid Suction Mounting Clips

XGrid Suction Mounting Clips

High grade, rugged suction clips designed to hold XGrid solar panels, and other applications to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic, even in harsh environments. The GC031 clips are easy to install, just press tightly against a smooth, clean surface.
  • Each pack contains four (4) suction cups and four (4) clips.
  • Designed for XGrid, and other lightweight hanging applications.
  • Works on most clean, smooth surfaces.
  • Easy-to-use pull tab for removing.
  • High quality plastic resists yellowing, and diffuses sunlight to prevent damage.
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0.14lbs | 1.65 × 1.65 × 0.77
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Hold on tight.

Secure grip suction clips.

The GC031 Suction Mounting Clips are the perfect companion for solar panels. Mount solar panels to any window, maximizing the output by minimizing shade.

Heavy lifter.

Worry-free hanging.

A single GC031 clip weighs in at 9 grams, and can carry up to 10 pounds. That's more than 500x its own weight. Use each clip in the set for different applications, or combine them to hold heavier items.

Technical Specifications.

Suction Clips

Four (4)

Suction Cups

Four (4)

Suction Cup Diameter


Weight (Entire Kit)


Weight Capacity (Single)