GC024  X-Connect XLR Connector

X-Connect XLR Connector

The X-Connect XLR Connector allows you to directly connect to the XLR port found on power wheelchairs, electric bicycles, and various other 24 volt battery powered equipment. Armed with an inhibit feature, it does not allow any "inhibit enabled" vehicles to be used while charging, increasing safety for both the user and the battery charger. The GC024 XLR Connector is compatible with the G7200 UltraSafe battery charger in 24V mode. (CHARGER SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Charge and maintain your battery directly through your XLR port.
  • Inhibit feature ensures the vehicle cannot be used while charging.
  • Built-in fuse protection for increased safety.
  • More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.
  • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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More ways to charge.

Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play connections for maximum performance.

Permanently mount eyelet connectors on multiple vehicles to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge. Charge through the 12V auxiliary or OBDII port from inside a vehicle, or simply extend the reach of your accessories. Whatever the case may be, X-Connect creates a solid weatherproof connection that provides maximum current flow and makes interconnecting different applications fast and easy. The possibilities are endless.


Built-in safety measures.

The inhibit feature disables functionality of your power wheelchair, electric bicycle, or other 24V equipment during charging. By ensuring that the charger will be disconnected before usage, it prevents damage to the charger and equipment.

Easy grip.

Ergonomic design.

XLR 24V charging adapters create solid connections for charging, which can often be hard to unplug. The GC024 has a wider, more comfortable ergonomic grip than generic XLR connectors, allowing for easy unplugging from electric power wheelchairs and other personal mobility vehicles.

Safety first.

An added layer of protection.

Sometimes electrical systems can overload or short-circuit if not used correctly (like pushing too much power, or jamming the cord in your door or hood). Although those situations are rare, the fuse is there to stop any potential harm to you or damage to your equipment.

Technical Specifications.


X-Connect Female


XLR - 3 Pins


10 Amp Regular Blade ATC

Wire Size

16 AWG


24 Inches

Compatible With

G7200 (All Versions) In 24V Mode